What Golf Wedges to Carry

For the golfer, they are what the scalpel is for the surgeon. Wedges are the precision tool on the golf course and are mostly only used when it needs to be precise. Most shots from a short distance and around the green are carried out with the wedges. There are some differences and not every golfer has the same wedges in his bag.

What is the Importance of Using Wedges?

A good golf wedges are probably the most versatile clubs on the golf course. Although they are mostly only used around the green or from a short distance, wedges can also be hit from tea. Players with better handicaps use the clubs even on short par three holes. Due to the high loft (46 ° -64 °), you can very well play the flag.

The ball flies up, lands softly, and has a short taxiway. For this reason, the wedges are the first choice when it comes to precise approximations and does not have to travel too many meters. Due to their versatility, there are also different combinations in the golf bag.

How Is It Different From Normal Clubs?
Compared to other golf clubs, the wedges differ only by a few degrees of loft. These few degrees make a significant difference in the flight and rolling behavior of the ball. Since the wedges are to be played with particular precision, it is important to have a wedge for every situation. For this reason, professionals usually have four wedges in their golf bags. In this way, they can make optimum use of their diversity and are equipped for almost all situations.

Main features of Wedges
The area of the club that touches the floor and prevents it from getting stuck on the floor is known as the bounce of a wedge of the club. In talking about bounce, the main focus is on the bounce angle. This is the angle from the leading edge to the stage where the sole touches the floor. Contrary to popular opinion, wedges don’t lay flat on the floor.

Low Bounce Wedges (0º to 8º) are ideal for hitting hard terrain or paths.
Standard Bounce Wedges (9th to 14th) is best for all levels of players and for most types of strokes, including the bunker.
High bounce wedges (from 15º to 18º) are used to play on very soft turf or bunkers with sea sand.
Note: When playing with an open club and we want the first contact on the floor not to be with the club blade but with the underside of the club, it is also said that we hit the club with the bounce of the club.

The Loft
The loft is a measure, in degrees, of the angle; the clubface is in relation to the vertical face of the player’s flexible axis.

It is also by the value of this loft that one can know, in which of the four types of wedges, a club fits.

Types of Wedges
Pitching Wedge: This is the type of club where it is possible to reach a greater distance. It has 44 to 48 degrees of loft and is used for strokes of approximately 100 meters. It has a minimum bounce between 2 and 5 degrees and, in most cases, is hit from the grass.
Gap Wedge: It has 50 to 52 degrees of loft and is used for shots that cover the approximate distance of 85 meters. It has a bounce of 5 to 12 degrees, and this is a club that should not be chosen at random.
Choose a loft that fills the interval between the Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. For example, if you have a 48-degree Pitching Wedge and a 56 degree Sand Wedge, you should purchase a 52 degree, Gap Wedge.

Sand Wedge: This club has lofts between 54 and 56 degrees and is used for moves close to 70 meters. This type of club is the one with the most uncharacteristic head of all, having a very high bounce (10 to 16 degrees). The Sand Wedge has a wider sole (distance between the main tip and heel).
Lob Wedge: This is the type of club where a golfer can reach a shorter distance. These are also known as “Finesse Wedges,” as they need to gain height quickly and land smoothly. They have 58 to 60 degrees and are used for plays that cover the approximate distance of 55 meters.
The bounce is minimal and varies between 0 and 10 degrees, as in these cases; there is always little space under the golf ball. It is a club with a narrower sole and a thinner main point. This is one of the golf clubs most appreciated by all golfers, as it guarantees a complete swing, making the ball fly higher and shorter.

Note: The increment of degrees between the different wedges should be similar, but always make sure that the Sand wedge bounce is high.

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